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Everybody on this blog and on the forum loves Forma Lms, but are you sure you already know how to use all the features in your favorite LMS? And - more important - are you able to find the right solution for your use case? We've been asked for years to provide some training opportunities, and here we are! 2020 has been a challenging year so far, so one of the founding fathers of Forma, Elearnit with their Elearnit Academy, have taken the time to redesign their events calendar. And we at Forma.association are proud to sponsor it. 

The Covid 19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown measures have redefined our personal and professional habits, orienting our choices towards approaches that have long remained unexplored. And if within a few days we found ourselves using apps to order groceries and do online shopping; our work routine has also undergone a profound metamorphosis. Forced into isolation, we have carried out ideas, projects, meetings and training activities only with the help of modern digital technologies.

Have you ever heard about the corporate academy?

Behind a high-sounding name lies a world full of concepts, initiatives, training and activities aimed at the professional enrichment of human resources. This is exactly what we are talking about today, trying to understand what we mean by corporate academies, why they are implemented and what their advantages are.

What is my place here?

Does this organization meets my expectation?
Is this organization ok for me? 
These are the main insecurities that coexist with the enthusiasm of the first day of work of a person on the eve of his entry into the company. The answers he will provide, first of all to himself, will determine not only the quality of the placement, but also the job performance and the turnover rates. The welcome, the mutual knowledge, the discovery of the places where organizational life takes place, far from being simply good deeds, obviously play a strategic role. From this point of view, they represent the lifeblood of organizational success. 

Big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media, the Internet of things and cybersecurity are progressively redefining not only business processes but also work and the economy. To navigate this new world where physical and digital intertwine, new skills and professionalism are needed.

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