Admin User Guidance - Need Help

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Admin User Guidance - Need Help

Post by mahendkakde »

Hi Forma Team,

I have created four admin users, given all the rights through administrator profile to create group management, competency and company role.

Why I gave the rights so that admin can create there own competency and company role for skill gap management.

Problem I am facing is as follow -

All four admin can see each other Groups, Competency and Company role.
They can edit and delete each other Groups, Competency and Company role. Which should not happen.

This happen because I give editing rights through administrator profile from super admin. If I dont give this right, than individula admin cannot create skill gap for there organization. If I give they can delete each other Groups, Competency and Company role.

Request Help

Admin Setting Guidance.pdf
Admin Setting Help Forma 1.3 LMS
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Re: Admin User Guidance - Need Help

Post by max »

Hi Mahendra

the whole poimt is that - as you noticed - there is no way to give permissions to only certain roles and competences.
One solution would be: superadmin creates roles and competences, then admins only have viewing (not deleting or editing) rights.
Since admins only have permissions on their users and their courses (or their nodes and groups) then you have more or less what you are looking for.

The logic you want to achieve needs some custom development, I cannot tell you on the fly if a simple or a complex one.
Forma developers would need to look into this.

If you are interested in a quote, drop us a note via PM or via e-mail: me, Alberto, Anellic and Micheledagostino (we work together) are all able to take care of this.
Massimiliano Ferrari
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