How does the SMS plugin/module works?

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How does the SMS plugin/module works?

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Greetings!. Iam writing to know how the Sms plugin/module works. Does the user pay to receive sms or its the administrator only to pay the charges for sms?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

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Re: How does the SMS plugin/module works?

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Hi Ronnie,
it's not a plugin or a module, it's integrated into the LMS.

The LMS sends e-mails either automatically (when certain events happen) or if an administrator explicitly sends them. The same messages can also be sent by SMS.
You can configure SMS in the configuration options.

You have to buy SMS credit in advance: it's the administrator who's going to pay them, not the receivers..

Currently, Forma Lms integrates the service provided by a supplier called It was chosen by Docebo back ....10 years ago, so my advice is to contact them to understand if their service can still be used.
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