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Re: Responsive template and how SCOs launch

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:55 pm
by daveperso
Hi Max,

You mentioned that version 3 has better SCORM support.
That being said: in version 3 the scorm player has been redesigned and it's much more responsive.
The screenshot I sent you was from 2.4. I have tried both 2.3 and 2.4. So I was curious about version 3. If it does support SCORM better than maybe it would play better.

Another LMS I tested on also has the option and others (see screenshot). This is a Wordpress LMS plugin which works well with the content but the platform is nowhere as nice as FormaLMS.

I find Rise very limited and Storyline is not responsive. iSpring is also not very responsive. Screens display very small etc. I started testing Captivate but it doesn't seem to have much of a future. Last update as far as I can see was in 2019.

This particular test was made with isEazy which is very responsive, if a bit limited. Great for corporates though so would probably be good if compatibility could be found.

Thanks again,


Re: Responsive template and how SCOs launch

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 1:34 pm
by max

I tried isEazy. Nice, although to me it behaves a little bit like Rise (one-page course, scroll down) and it's too expensive for what it does.

Anyway, that's how it looks on Forma 3

Re: Responsive template and how SCOs launch

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:26 pm
by daveperso
Hi Max,

Thanks very much for taking the time to do that! It definitely looks better than 2.4.

I am not trying to sell isEazy (!!) but it sounds like you just tried the Express course template which is just a single scroll page. The Course option is much more standard and, in my opinion, is superior to Rise, at least for my purposes. I do use other tools like Rise, Storyline, iSpring, Avallain Author and testing Dominknow too at the moment.

There is however a fair amount of space lost around the sides. Here are screenshots from Cluevo, Moodle and FormaLMS 2.3. Remarkably I have not changed the image size - they are all screenshots from my mobile, a Galaxy Note 10+. Imagine viewing on a smaller screen. I think Cluevo is displaying in a lightbox and it has far larger real estate. It looks great. Moodle is in a new window and while not great, I think is tolerable. FormaLMS is losing a lot of real estate. There are gaps to the left and right and an extra title bar on top which on desktop is fine but on mobile looks clunky. FormaLMS 3 makes the experience less clunky. In fact, it looks quite smooth. However, it makes the screen that much smaller. You lose the black border area, then a further white border area before you actually get to the content. On a mobile device, that is a lot of space.

Notice that on the first screenshot, you can actually see what is happening in section 3. Both are hidden in Moodle and FormaLMS. This is the same phone. Notice too how 2.4 wraps on Moodle and FormaLMS with more wrapping on FormaLMS.

Funnily enough, in FormaLMS if you copy the link to the Scorm that you see in Learning Object Management > Edit (from Teacher), the course displays perfectly. Something like this is needed to display SCORMs, and particularly so on mobile.


Re: Responsive template and how SCOs launch

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 12:30 pm
by daveperso
Hi Max,

So I have managed to use Articulate's launch page set up and amended the imsmanifest so that isEazy does show automatically in a new window from within FormaLMS. The challenge now is to find a way for students to close the window when they have finished. Probably more a isEazy issue than FormaLMS, although Cluevo have their X quit button which overlays the content.

Best wishes

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