Scoring answers for test

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Scoring answers for test

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Do we have to calculate for each question? I try to set score as 1 for each, but when the total comes up instead it saying 100, it would say 20, How do I set answers that are correct to just a point, so if it is all correct, then it will be 100? Cause way it looks, it seems like I have to calculate each answer to a certain percent for it to be 100%. I hope I am explaining this right.

Thanks. Javar

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Re: Scoring answers for test

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it's much simpler than that

Go to Administration points
Set score for each question = 100
Then, in the "Distributed by" section, choose => "same point for each question"
Then save by clicking on Set Score Preferences
In the following page you can also make further minor adjustments. If everything is as you want, just save changes and you're done.
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