What about customscript directory

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What about customscript directory

Post by gihel »

I saw ther is a directory customscript
this directory is empty except file keep.

is possible to insert a custom.js like we can insert custom.css inside style directory ????

the only way I found to have javascript to interactive page html object learning is to modify an existing .js like navtab.js
That is not a good job

is there a solution

Thank you for answer

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Re: What about customscript directory

Post by max »

the customscript folder is for custom scripts, that's right. Normally you use them for specific functions, I don't think you can use custom scripts for Learning Objects.

I am seeing you are looking for ways to build interactive objects and are opening threads here and there: I think Alfa24 has already answered to this question. The way to achieve that is
- either using scorm object (best way)
- or embedding materials created on other websites (not optimal).

I suggest you to take a look at some scorm authoring tools. We use Articulate 360 which is a bit expensive, so I tried to list open source, free or cheaper ones:

- https://exelearning.org/
- https://www.ispringsolutions.com/ispring-free
- https://www.elucidat.com/
- https://www.easygenerator.com/
- https://iseazy.com/en
- https://h5p.org/

These are just examples.
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