New bugs Gradebook Ratings

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New bugs Gradebook Ratings

Post by fdougnac »

Previously I published due to an error with the grand book ratings that I had on a platform in version 2.4.4.
I managed to get another 2.4.4 platform on another server from other collaborators and this one has the same problem, that is why we classify it as platform bugs.
I advise you so that you are aware of what is happening in version 2.4.4 and we will see a prompt solution to this problem.

The problem is that the tests created in the course are not linked to the gradebook.


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Re: New bugs Gradebook Ratings

Post by alfa24 »

Don't open new thread for the same thing.
You have my reply there, and it would be the same here too.
I'm Jasmines, the One. If you need, you can contact me.

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Re: New bugs Gradebook Ratings

Post by max »

Hi Fernando, I appreciate the spirit when you want to highlight bugs. The thing is, I cannot replicate it. There is no such bug in the gradebook in 2.4.4.
Maybe something is wrong in your specific installation, in your specific DB.

(PS: it's not Grand Book, I edited your posts with "Gradebook")
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