Forma LMS: the open source after docebo

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Forma LMS: the open source after docebo

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Hi all, in the last months a group of partner companies worked hard to create a new identity and a new developement workflow for the software, and finally we announce the release of a new version of the original platform, including a new template and more than 70 changes in new functionalities and bugfixes, coming both from the community and from the partners experience: the FORMA LMS project is born!

A new identity

Obviously the new developement needed a new name (Docebo is a registered trademark and stil the name of the original project), so we tried to give the project a new, strong and meaningful identity, and it was "Forma Lms". Name and logo were designed with the collaboration of many clients, partners and colleague from different countries: you will find a few more details here

A solid project

Now on, it won't be just a single company behind this powerful software, but a group of partner companies sharing years of experiences in the elearning and web developement sector to keep alive the project and make it grow: realizing this first release has been also and mainly an opportunity to design a solid process of collaborative developement, wich we hope will give the project new stability and continuity. We ant this to be the first step of long journey, where the active partecipation of the community will play a decisive role.

The new release

The new platform is based on the last open source release of Docebo (405 Community Edition) and will be available for download within a few days: it features more than 70 changes in bugfix, functional improvements, code optimizations and addons updates. Many of these improvements were originally released for some partner's clients, and many come from the community efforts to keep sharing and improve the software. Also, a few community members were actively involved in the testing and debugging process. It will be possible to upgrade directly from any docebo open source version to the new Forma Lms

You'll learn more in the next few days, Stay tuned! ;)

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Re: Forma LMS: the open source after docebo

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Hi, this is great news for those who are in Docebo an adequate solution to our expectations. Congratulations for the work they are doing, reflect the spirit of the Internet.

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