Forma 1.1 beta testing

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Forma 1.1 beta testing

Post by alberto »

Hi everybody, we are almost ready to release the new Forma 1.1, please send me a pvt if you wish to join the beta testing and help us to speed up the release process.

Ciao a tutti, la nuova release Forma 1.1 è quasi pronta, inviatemi un messaggio privato se avete voglia di darci una mano con il testing, così potremo rilasciare ancora più in fretta


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Re: Forma 1.1 beta testing

Post by giosquad »

Hi, Is there a sort of roadmap or TODO list?
I'm trying the 1.1rc2 release, nice job!
Anyway could be great to give to the users and developers, that could adopt this platform, some infos regarding where this platform want to go and milestones for the next months.
Where is the link for the bugs tracking?
Thank you!

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Re: Forma 1.1 beta testing

Post by max »

Hi Giordano,

as of now, the roadmap exists but is managed by us. The same is true for the bug tracker, we have a Redmine installation to handle the bugtracking, bugfixing and change request tasks.

The installation files on sourceforge already include a .txt file with the documentation of what was fixed or changed.
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