Forma 2.0 Alpha released to contributors

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Forma 2.0 Alpha released to contributors

Post by alberto »

Dear users,

the new Forma 2 has been finally released to active contributors: this release features a new interface for several modules and pages, new features, an enhanced plugin system, changed password criptography method, vulnerability fixes, and much more.

If you wish to actively partecipate, please fill in the following form, specifying the skills you can contribute with (i.e., PHP, jquery/bootstrap, selenium ide, translations, writing documentation,...):

are you brave enough? :)

The Forma Team

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Re: Forma 2.0 Alpha released to contributors

Post by stepping »


Two programs that I use extensively to create elearning are Articulate's StoryLine 3 and iSpring's QuizMaker. Both these programs can generate output compatible with xAPI (Tin Can). iSpring also supports the latest cmi5 format.

Any chance that Forma 2.0 will support one or both of these advanced LMS formats?



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Re: Forma 2.0 Alpha released to contributors

Post by max »

We know that xApi will soon be a necessary feature. It's definitely in our roadmap, not immediately but it's in the roadmap.

My colleagues will be able to tell you more about that.
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Re: Forma 2.0 Alpha released to contributors

Post by ee0pdt »

If you need an LRS to store xAPI statements you might want to look at Learning Locker - it is a free Open Source LRS by HT2 Labs. This could help people who need xAPI until Forma has implemented their own solution.

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