New Release - Forma 2.3

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New Release - Forma 2.3

Post by alberto »

Hi everybody,

we are proud to announce that Forma 2.3 has been released
This version includes a new feature to alert users of available certificates, several modules restyled with the new datatables component (i.e. gradebook and certificate release pages), new APIs and IO Tasks improvements.
And, of course, tons of bugfixes

This release is available for association members and project contributors,
The previous minor release Forma 2.2.1 is now available for public download


Have fun!

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Re: New Release - Forma 2.3

Post by pmanly »

Is the upgrade procedure the same as for V2.2.1? If not, can we get upgrade instructions?

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Re: New Release - Forma 2.3

Post by max »

Hi Phil, yes it's the same.
In the .zip package you will also find the changelog and the readme file with instructions, anyway.
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