SCORM with a 45mb mp4 video upload fails in FORMAMLS

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SCORM with a 45mb mp4 video upload fails in FORMAMLS

Post by rainier »

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to upload a SCORM 2004 v1.3 with a 45mb pm4 video and it fails.

I realized this test:
1) I erased the video from the SCORM 2004 and it was successfully uploaded
2) I add a new mp4 video -8mb- and it was successfully uploaded
3) Then I redone the 45mb video in flv format and it fails again. If I check the folder under appLms/scorm/XXXXX_ABC.zip_content it only apeared the video but without any other files.

My configuration is:
register_global OFF
magic_quotes_gpc OFF
upload_max_filesize 600M
post_max_size 600M
max_execution_time 60s
allow_url_include OFF

I am making the videos with captivate 7.
All these test and uploads have been done under an Instructor proflie following the new lecture objective->add new SCORM process

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Re: SCORM with a 45mb mp4 video upload fails in FORMAMLS

Post by max »

Hi Rainier,

I moved your message to Installation and Configuration. There is no such bug in Forma Lms, from what you are saying it simply seems to be a configuration issue.
Please check under administration>main>configuration>settings>advanced

then scroll down until file upload whitelist and check if the list contains mp4 and flv
If not, just add them at the end of the current list and it should work (test with a small mp4, before trying with the 45mb video.. :-) )
If the list already contains those 2 extensions, then you have to configure your server in order to allow those 2 mime types.
Although the installation procedure should already check the existence of the necessary mime types
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