Different company areas

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Different company areas

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Can anyone tell me how set up for different companies to have their own areas?

I see the Docebo manual mentions company connectors. Is this what is used? Comapny connectors don't appear to be part of Forma.lms...so is there another way of setting up complete 'areas' for companies?



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Re: Different company areas

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Hi Rosie,
Forma actually has a long list of options to separate users, courses, catalogue and viewing permissions for company administrators. Connectors don't have anything to do with that, they are used to link Forma Lms' database with external databases.

Fors starters:

- you can have different folders (i.e. org chart "nodes"), for each company. Users of company A would be associated to a folder named "Company A", the same for company B and so on
- that way, you can easily subscribe company A users with just one click
- you can create different catalogues, so that company A users would only see courses 1-2-3 and company B users would only see courses 4-5-6
- you can create sub-administrators, so administrator A would only see the users of company A and the courses of the related catalogue

.... and so on and on and on...
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