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E-learning, but not only: how to optimize the training monitoring process

Monitoring the progress of the training of its employees is fundamental, but is it sufficient? What could be done better?
We took inspiration from this article to suggest some tips to make sure you optimize the monitoring process as much as possible.

Monitoring employee training is a vital part of internal training, but it can quickly become an administrative complication! What is the answer to make your training monitoring process as smooth as possible?

1. Use a management system to monitor training

It seems incredible but, in 2020 abundantly started, we still come across realities - even large and structured ones - that still persist in manually managing company training and its performance.

It seems clear to us that the first step to fully optimizing the monitoring process is at least to switch to training monitoring software, rather than continuing to do it manually, taking care to update a lot of spreadsheets and other documents to keep trace of all internal training.

In this way, not only will you be able to automate many of the activities previously done manually, but you will also have the guarantee that all your information is stored in a single central point, which anyone who wants to own his team can access when necessary.

Last but not least, automating many processes also eliminates the risk of human error, so you can be sure that all your information is current and correct.

2. Plan your online courses

To keep track of all your training, it is a good idea to plan all your internal training courses through the management system, setting when and where they will take place, who the teacher will be, the associated costs and how long the sessions will last.

This means you can easily know who is participating in which training sessions, also getting a complete training record for all your students in the future.

From an administrative point of view, this is a nice convenience, since you will quickly and easily find a list of all the students who have attended each training course: if you have to send them communications or make changes to the course, you can send them by e-mail using the lists compiled by your management software.

Obviously, Forma Lms lets you monitor, track and plan all your Learning & Development activity. 

3. Use online time sheets

If you still have not decided to invest in a proper LMS, at least use some online document. It is the next best thing. 

A great way to keep track of the students who actually attended the training courses you have planned is time sheets, but paper ones can be problematic: there is always a risk that teachers may lose them, or forget to fill them up, or even passing them on to the training management team so they can keep records.

Using your management system, you can provide your teachers with access to online attendance sheets, with which they can simply mark all the students present: all information will be automatically saved safely and your management team will have immediate access to it.

4. Integration with your LMS

If you really start from scratch, perhaps the best solution is to directly equip yourself with a Learning Management System (LMS).

Otherwise, the ideal is to integrate your training management with your LMS, which will make monitoring your training a breeze! Not only will you be able to see which students are enrolled in which classes and courses, but you will also be able to monitor their progress as they progress with the training.

You will be able to realize how quickly employees work through modules or entire courses and the results of each ongoing evaluation. Furthermore, it is really easy to see at a glance who has completed their training and who has yet to finish it.

If you realize that it becomes necessary to chase people to meet a certain deadline, our LMS for example offers what is right for you! We recommend Retraining , one of the most popular plugins of Forma Lms !

5. Giving visibility to students

It is important to give your students visibility of their training monitoring, allowing them to view their training record and see what training they have completed in the past. Forma Lms of course does that: every student can see their progress, the next courses they are supposed to take, their certificates... With the upcoming 3.0 version, all that information will be immediately visible from a Dashboard. 

You can also give them the opportunity to sign up for optional training sessions they may want to attend, eliminating the need for many e-mails and manual jobs for your training management team! Forma does that with the "course catalogue". 

To further simplify the management of all these aspects, it is certainly advisable to have an LMS directly, which by definition already includes all these functions from birth.

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