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The use of blockchain in corporate training: from user authentication to skills’ certification

Do you represent a training company or a corporate academy that needs to certify the identity of users and their training activities in a rigorous and unquestionable way? Are you looking for certifications that attest the skills achieved by the participants in your training activities in order to facilitate the comparison and selection of the most suitable profiles? 

Do you want to motivate users with the possibility of assigning them universally recognized "digital credentials" to be kept in a sort of "training booklet" that certifies their qualifications? 

There is a new approach that can be used in blended learning to make it more successful; we have named it B-Learning.

The B-learning approach

The B-learning approach implies:


Biometric IDENTIFICATION is an unchangeable register that guarantees the certainty of transactions and that removes intermediaries. It is a distributed ledger where information are present simultaneously in all nodes of the system. The Biometric Identification allows to identify training users according to physiological and behavioral


BLOCKCHAIN is a log where information are present simultaneously in all nodes of the system.


OPEN BADGE AND DIGITAL CREDENTIALS are digital images that certify all the competences gained or the training attende


BUSINESS MODEL is a platform which connects people and allows to share information.


Great expectations

According to an IDC research, Blockchain demand is booming and the market is expected to grow at over 60% per year. The Accenture Research states that Blockchain technology has the potential to reduce infrastructure costs by an average of 30 percent.

It is acknowledged that blockchain technology is bringing a change in learning and development context.


The use of blockchain technology

The blockchain technology can be utilized both for personal development and managing the educational cost. Furthermore, if we begin thinking of learning and development as an educational currency, we can start to make more proper modes of communication with the learners.

For instance, an instructor or trainer can develop inspirational learning chunks and position these as blocks on the blockchain through mining-like mechanism which would be discovered and expanded by the learners.


Basically, the learning history and training achievements of the students can be saved on a blockchain ledger by using smart contracts. The history of the educational and personal development of students can be available on the public ledger that everyone can see. This learning timeline can be used for projecting upcoming plans in accordance to learning history of the students.

The blockchain can be used as a way of peer to peer data exchange medium which rewards students who share information and contribute towards their education and development institution. Such concept can bring two advantages:

  • giving a financial advantage for the students who successfully complete their pre-allocated tasks
  • promoting participants to adopt such innovative technology in educational context

The Blockchain model with FORMA LMS

We have been implementing the Blockchain model in most of our projects which require the use of FORMA LMS platform. During an online training, the user logs into the FORMA LMS platform to launch the training course. The LMS recognizes if the username corresponds to the identity of the user and once the check is done, the training starts. At the end of the online training, the user can gain his certification which will be saved in the blockchain wallet.

A new business model for L&D

In conclusion, our B-learning approach to corporate training, is a new business model applied to Learning and Development.

It solves problems related to user authentication and certification of skills through digital tools and international standards. Applying the blockchain technology in online learning and development and distance learning, educational process can be improved with cost efficiency.

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