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Selling e-learning: what content for your LMS platform?

What do you do in e-learning? What content to sell? In this article we want to try to make another reasoned overview on e-learning and its advantages.

What to do in e-learning?

Compliance and catalog courses

If it is basically a matter of integrating theory or legislation with some references to customer specifications, why necessarily develop the whole course from scratch, when you can use a ready-made and tested starting point?

Mandatory update

On some mandatory updating topics , the legislation also provides for e-learning training:

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Legislative Decree 231/01
  • Anti-money laundering
  • ECM
  • Professional Orders

Other more transversal areas

You can also find catalog contents in these areas:

  • Blended Business games
  • Managerial
  • Popular business
  • Basic and advanced computer science
  • Public administration and health
  • Languages

All courses can then be customized to optimize the investment.

Your contents, your catalog

Do you want to create a catalog by digitizing your content?
You will need to:

  • Identify titles
  • Find an inexpensive and rapid form of digitization
  • Enhancing your content: anyone can publish an ebook, what can you offer more?

Pricing model

Price per user
Depending on the duration (and the degree of market competitiveness), it goes from € 25 to € 60 or € 100. Typically used for supply to end customers.

Unlimited license
The provider does NOT count the number of users: he gives the course outright, usually for a few thousand euros. Usually used with training institutions or temporary agencies.


On the customer's platform
Possible, but it is necessary to give the supplier access to count the sold licenses (or otherwise contract this aspect). In the case of an unlimited license it is obviously not necessary.

On the supplier's platform
In this case there is no problem, of course. Content specialists often prefer this delivery model, which allows them more control.

Tailor made courses

Often the training needs in the company concern very peculiar situations, for which there are no standard courses already carried out.
A few examples:

  • training to sellers and sharing of sales documentation,
  • training of administrative staff on procedures and internal management,
  • update on the use of specific software or technical instruments,
  • sharing of company documents and procedures,
  • accredited courses for Continuing Medical Education.

In cases like these, courses can be created from scratch with the help of subject matter experts; more often, however, the necessary contents are already found in the company, perhaps in the form of documents that have not yet been rationalized or know-how that is the heritage of specific people.

It is starting from this information that digital content can be created in different formats (Power Point, Word, Movies), which can be easily combined in the creation of extremely scalable solutions.

The simplest solutions include linear navigation of the classroom course slides , possibly integrated with audio commentary, lecturer's video, interactions and questions, support materials (glossaries, attachments, faqs) ...

The more complex solutions may include complex navigation (decision-making junctions that lead to different consequences and insights), interactive videos ...


The variables involved are: length, complexity, degree of interactivity required and level of multimedia . A 1h course usually costs between € 1,500 and € 3,000, depending on the level. As a rule of thumb, 45 slides roughly correspond to an hour of use.

Another aspect that is anything but secondary concerns the resources involved in the production of the courses: will you take care of it or do you intend to outsource the service?

In the first case, obviously you will also have to consider the investment in the software that you decide to use and the related training of your collaborators.

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