Add "< Back", "Structure" and "Forward >" link

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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Add "< Back", "Structure" and "Forward >" link

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Can I somehow change the code for the current "<< Back" link in the course materials?
I would like there to be three buttons: "< Back", "Structure" and "Forward >"
New "< Back" returns to the previous material (if it is in the folder)
The "Structure" works just like the "<< Back" now works
"Forward >" allows you to read the following material in a folder.
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Re: Add "< Back", "Structure" and "Forward >" link

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You need a deep modification in organization module.
Moreover, consider that scorm learning objects haven't the back button as they open in a modal.
If you have clear ideas about the whole flow, you may send me a private message for a quotation.
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